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How does this access method compare to Cable and/o
  As with any Internet connection your provider is sharing access (bandwidth) with all of it's customers, so your most limiting factor is the amount of bandwidth the ISP has available. Cable and DSL charge enticingly low rates for what they call "high speed access," which might seem like a good thing, but charging so little means there is not enough money coming in to provide the bandwidth needed for your customers, so typically you will find your connection slows drastically when other people are using it heavily. You seldom actually get the speed they boast you will. You get what you pay for. You'll realize this to be true as more and more cable and DSL providers are putting speed controls on the customers. Cable and DSL are not available in the area here, and probably won't be for at least a year. DSL has a major limitation - Distance. DSL slows down the further away from the Telco CO your connection is, and doesn't work at all if you are more than 18,000 feet away (About 3 to 4 miles).

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    This will be the Billing FAQs 

    Are there any sign-up fees with your dial-up accounts? 
    Can I also use this account from work? 
    Do I get web space for my personal web site? 
    Do I need any special software to connect to your dial-up service? 
    Do you have 56k connections? 
    How can I sign up? 
    How do I configure my computer for your dial-up service? 
    How do I know how many hours I've been on this month? 
    How long does it take to setup an account? 
    How many e-mail addresses do I get? 
    Is there a charge for technical support? 
    What if I am on only a few minutes? Will I be charged for a whole hour? 
    What's the difference between unmetered and metered service? 

    Are there any limits to the size of email that I can send or receive with your service? 
    Can I access my email anywhere in the world? 
    Can I post auto reply messages using your email service? 
    Can my GVII email be accessed from a web browser? 
    How do I get a hold of your Tech support department for email questions? 
    I am afraid that I might get a email virus, how do I prevent this? 
    I have Children, what can I do to protect them from pornographic emails? 
    What is the name of your email server? 
    With my current service I get tons of SPAM. What do you do to proctect me from it? 

    This will be the Hosting FAQs 

    Can I get Busy Signals? 
    Can I run servers on this connection?  
    Can I see a demo?  
    Do I need a phone line?  
    Do mobile & wireless telephones affect the signal 
    How close must I be to the tower. 
    How does it compare to DSL and cable? 
    How does this access method compare to Cable and/o 
    How long will it take to install?  
    How much does it cost?  
    How secure is the signal? 
    Is Internet access unlimited?  
    Is it available in my area?  
    Is it reliable?  
    Is it safe. 
    Is this the same as "satellite" Internet?  
    What about lightning protection? 
    What are some benefits to having fast Internet account 
    What does the equipment look like?  
    What is the downside with wireless Internet?  
    What is Wireless Internet Access? 
    What type of equipment do I need 
    Will I have to learn anything new to use this system 
    Will I still need my modem?  
    Will this work with Palm units? 

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